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WBUR Radio: Yesterday's Primary

A version of my Slate piece on the New Hampshire primary, as read by me during Morning Edition on WBUR Radio in Boston.


Here's to Moving Day

Here's to all the leases that start on September 1st, thus plunging Boston into a giant game of musical chairs every year.

Here's to all the mattresses I've left behind, due to a lack of planning, space, and/or common sense. I hope you've all found a good home.

Slate: Yesterday's Primary

In a stunning twist, the state of South Carolina has announced that it will move its presidential primary from Feb. 2, 2008, up to next Tuesday, a decision that has pushed the nomination schedule into massive disarray.


Rockets in the Sky: Or the Weather of the XXIX Olympiad

The Beijing Olympics are just a year away, and I couldn't be more excited. These are going to be the best Olympics ever, mainly because of two words: weather rockets. You see, the Chinese government has already promised that there will be no rain for the Opening Ceremonies. Originally, no one knew how they would accomplish this feat, but now thankfully we do. The Chinese government plans to prevent rain storms by launching rockets at rain clouds in an attempt to disperse them, which actually sounds a lot more exciting than any of the other Olympic events.

Boston Sports Review: Big Papi: Questions for Book Clubs

One of the best-selling baseball books of the year is David Ortiz's new autobiography "Big Papi: My Story of Big Dreams and Big Hits" written with Tony Massarotti. What better way to enjoy this fine book than in a book club with fellow Sox fans? After all, book clubs are all the rage these days. On the oft chance that you are reading "Big Papi" with others, here are some questions that might help facilitate conversation and fully enrich your reading experience.

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