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digress.jpg But I Digress features over 50 of my funniest humor columns from 1995-1999. You can order it from for $15.95. Or buy it directly through me and receive a personalized, signed copy for only $12 in the US and Canada or $15 in the rest of the world. That price includes postage and handling -- as much handling as you want! Just send a check or money order (in US dollars) to:

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Meanwhile, here are the table of contents for the book.

Chapter One: Adventures

The Wrong Number
The Evil Side of Television
Savior Says
Diary of a Wedding
The Search for a Roommate
The Search for a Roommate Part II
Roommate Redemption... Eventually
Nazi Germany and 7th Grade: A Comparative Study
I'll Take My Thesis for 500, Alex

Chapter Two: More Than You Wanted to Know

I'm a Complete Idiot. Will You Go Out With Me?
If It's '97, It Must Be Cambridge
Hut Hut Hutch
Creature of the Night
Fighting the Inner Pack Rat
It's a Redhead!

Chapter Three: Oddities

Go to Class! Win a Car!
Nescafe Iced Coffee, Will You Be My Friend?
Clones 'R Us
Anna Nicole Smith: A Literary Review
Dumpster Diving!
The Beauty of Bad Art
The Amazing Furby Mania of '98

Chapter Four: Politics

We The Passengers
Punt the Pundit
The Referendum on Arcane and Confusing Election Referenda
We Can Project Nothing
The Joe Lavin Presidential Exploratory Committee
Thousands of Pundits Released into the Wild

Chapter Five: Television

The Clicking of America
Again, Again: A Review of the Teletubbies American Premiere
One Mother of a Storm '99
Why I Love CNBC
This Taco Bell Commercial is Brought to You by Friends
Sweep This

Chapter Six: Sports

The Never-Ending Pre-Game Show
Caller, Are You There?
"What Were You Thinking While Choking In Front Of Millions?"
Not Reading Pitino is a Choice
World Cup Blues
A Night at Fenway

Chapter Seven: Work

For the Good of the Team
Keeping Customers On Hold Since 1983
Committed to the Short Term
Bouncer of Law
Just Wing It!
Going Postal

Chapter Eight: Computers

Net Snoop (Quoted in The New York Times, 12-16-99)
Hot New Internet Stocks!
Spam, Spam, Spam
Going Once, Going Twice...
How to Write Dummy Books for Dummies
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