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The Rise of the Loonie

Don't look now, but the American dollar may no longer be The Dollar of the Americas. Last week, for the first time in over thirty years, the Canadian dollar achieved parity with the U.S. dollar. This is quite an accomplishment. Only a few years ago, the Canadian dollar was worth just 62 cents American. Now, one American dollar is worth one Canadian dollar, though the Canadians will probably just give you a coin for it instead of a bill. They're sneaky like that.

Google Stalk


As the premier Internet search company, Google, Inc. has long been the source for all your stalking needs. Now, Google has consolidated its stalking services into one simple yet powerful interface called Google Stalk.

Boston Sports Review: The Impossible Dream ... In Full Technicolor

I just finished watching a Red Sox game on television, and here's a list of what I didn't see: rotating billboards behind home plate, people with cell phones, batters stepping out of the box after every pitch, RemDawg signs, promos for reality programs, Wally the Green Monster, and insurance company ducks walking across the screen. You see, instead of a 2007 game, I was watching the penultimate game of 1967 between the Red Sox and the Twins.

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