Joe Lavin is the nom de plume of Boston-based freelance writer and humorist Joe Lavin. Having grown up in "bucolic" central Massachusetts, Lavin now lives in Somerville, MA, after previous stints in St.Louis, London, New York, and Los Angeles. By day, he works as an administrator at an obscure university. By night, he skewers pop culture, sports, politics, technology, and his own occasional ineptitude.

Lavin has been publishing an online humor column since November 1995. He is the author of But I Digress and was featured in May Contain Nuts: A Very Loose Canon of American Humor, the third volume in the Mirth of a Nation series.

His work has also appeared in several publications, including:

The Boston Globe
WBUR Radio
The Globe and Mail
The Boston Herald
The Boston Phoenix
The Christian Science Monitor
The Montreal Gazette
Boston Sports Review
San Diego Computoredge
California Technology News
The Denver Post
Worcester Magazine
The Worcester Telegram
BBC Radio's WeekEnding

    A periodic humor column, disguised as a blog. New columns published on Tuesdays or not as the case may be.


  • I've written for Slate, The Boston Globe Magazine, Salon, McSweeney's, WBUR Radio, The Christian Science Monitor, The Globe and Mail, and many other publications. Thanks for dropping by. I hope you enjoy my Internet column.

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