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The Globe and Mail: Love You, Hate Your President

"Do you know what your president just did?" There is nothing that can dampen a romantic mood quite like those words. Unfortunately, this is what happens when you are an American dating a Canadian, and your president is George W. Bush. It doesn't matter that I never voted for the man and rarely agree with him myself. Whenever he does or says something Jody deems stupid, she tells me. There are some who worry about Bush's effect on my country's standing in the world. I worry more about his effect on my love life.

Computoredge: Cyber-Cyrano to the Rescue!


I suppose this shouldn't be too surprising, but now along with term papers and resumes, you can also buy love letters online. Can't get the right words down on the page for your sweetheart? Fear not. For $24.95 a year, you can join a service called where you will have access to hundreds of possible letters for almost all occasions in life. Of course, there are a lot more than just love letters here, but the love letters are frankly the most entertaining. It takes a courageous person indeed to try using a plagiarized love letter from the Internet, rather than the real thing.


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