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But, More Importantly, Do We Have a State Munchkin?

BostonCream.jpgRecently, I needed to look up "Boston cream pie" on Wikipedia. Sometimes, these things just happen. Wikipedia informed me that the pie, which is really a cake, was created at Boston's Parker House Hotel in the 1850s. But, on the same page, I found something even more interesting. I learned that the Boston cream doughnut is the official state doughnut of Massachusetts.

The First 100 Hours

The Democrats in the House of Representatives are currently in the midst of their first 100 hours, during which time they hope to pass much of the agenda that they promised voters in the fall. Interestingly, these 100 hours will actually last considerably longer than a normal 100 hours. In a bit of clock management that would make every NFL coach proud, the 100 hours include only legislative hours, i.e. only the time in which they are attempting to make laws. It would be as if your hours at work only counted if you were actually getting things done.

Stupid Congress Tricks

What exactly do our Senators and Representatives do all day in Congress? I would like to think they are busy looking out for our best interests and passing laws to make this a better country. However, like many, I have always assumed they were more interested in fundraising and pork barrel politics. The truth, however, turns out to be much more mundane. Instead, they are passing resolutions that recognize the importance of NASCAR, honoring fast food restaurants in Kentucky, and commemorating the 50th anniversary of Marshmallow Peeps. In short, they aren't doing much of anything.

Stealing Stickies for South Carolina

These days, there doesn't seem to be a single state that isn't suffering from serious budget woes. Many states are trying some novel approaches to budgeting. Take Missouri, for example. To save money on electricity, Governor Bob Holden has recently ordered that every third light bulb in government buildings be unscrewed.

Question: How many government officials does it take to unscrew a light bulb?


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