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"Take My Wife, Please!"

We all love e-mail, but there are some people who love it just a little too much. Information Week recently showcased a survey stating that 73.8% of e-mail users consider e-mail to be "essential to their life." How essential? A majority of those surveyed would just as soon give up chocolate or coffee rather than their e-mail account. The article even claimed that some people would prefer to give up deodorant rather than e-mail, which is good because I think we would all prefer communicating with those people online, rather than in person.

Sorry I Missed Your E-mail

If you're sick of e-mail, then do I have the employer for you: US Cellular, where every Friday is No E-mail Friday. According to an ABC News report, US Cellular has banned all Friday e-mail for the last two years. No matter how much employees need to e-mail each other, on Fridays they simply can't. Instead, they must pick up the phone, or stop by each other's office in person, or just go home for the day because, you know, it's not like they can get any real work done without e-mail.

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