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Surviving the Bad Times in Style

This weekend, I received a catalog from Brookstone (Motto: Helping People Waste Time at Malls since 1965.). Given the current economic climate, the catalog seems curiously passé. Yeah, we'd all really love to buy the $200 video glasses, but you know we're thinking of using our money to buy some food instead. I suppose there will always be a clientele for Brookstone, but their customer base has to have taken a hit. Already, this year, The Sharper Image went out of business, and I worry that Brookstone might be next.

Santa's Archives

With the recent opening of Santa's archives from the 1970s, historians have discovered a wealth of valuable documents, including this one from yours truly.

The Gift That Keeps Being Given

Once again, 'tis the season for gift giving or in some cases the season for giving a gift again. Apparently, regifting is becoming more and more mainstream. This year, there's even a new web site devoted to the practice. Is regifting tacky or just a pleasant form of recycling? The debate is on at The consensus seems to be that as long as you're careful, it's an acceptable practice.


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