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Boston Sports Review: The El Guapo/Obama Ticket

You have to hand it to Rich Garces. He's no longer in the Majors, but he may be the only pitcher who has his own sponsor for every appearance. Whenever he pitched this year for the independent league Nashua Pride, fans heard this announcement: "El Guapo is brought to you by the New Hampshire Business Resource Center in Concord."

Boston Sports Review: The Impossible Dream ... In Full Technicolor

I just finished watching a Red Sox game on television, and here's a list of what I didn't see: rotating billboards behind home plate, people with cell phones, batters stepping out of the box after every pitch, RemDawg signs, promos for reality programs, Wally the Green Monster, and insurance company ducks walking across the screen. You see, instead of a 2007 game, I was watching the penultimate game of 1967 between the Red Sox and the Twins.

Boston Sports Review: Big Papi: Questions for Book Clubs

One of the best-selling baseball books of the year is David Ortiz's new autobiography "Big Papi: My Story of Big Dreams and Big Hits" written with Tony Massarotti. What better way to enjoy this fine book than in a book club with fellow Sox fans? After all, book clubs are all the rage these days. On the oft chance that you are reading "Big Papi" with others, here are some questions that might help facilitate conversation and fully enrich your reading experience.

Boston Sports Review: Betting on the Sox

Those who bought a couch from Jordan's Furniture back in April are probably feeling quite comfortable as they watch the Red Sox from that new couch. As most people probably know by now, Jordan's offered a full refund on any couch, dining table, or bed bought before April 16th, if the Red Sox win the World Series. Sure, anything could happen the rest of the season, but the start to this year must at least make them feel pretty good.

Boston Sports Review: Confessions of a Baseball Fan

It has come to my attention that I may not be quite as well-informed about baseball as I had previously thought. These days, it's not easy following the Red Sox. In addition to baseball, you also need a firm knowledge of medicine, advanced statistics, economics, and possibly Japanese -- not to mention ankle sutures and how much they are expected to bleed. My knowledge of baseball is already a little shaky in some areas, and now I have to know all this other stuff too. Therefore, I would like to take a moment to confess a few things about today's game that I do not know. 

Boston Sports Review: Pesky's Pole Position

Taking a break from their ongoing quest to rid the game of steroids, Major League Baseball has decided to go after something far more sinister. I'm talking about 87-year-old men who like to sit in the dugout. Yes, in their infinite wisdom, the commissioner's office has decided that Johnny Pesky can no longer put on a Red Sox uniform and sit in the dugout during home games. And you thought Bud Selig didn't really have any power.

Boston Sports Review: Gifts for the Men Who Have it All

We all love David Ortiz, but here's how much the Red Sox love him. When he arrived at spring training, John Henry gave him a brand new $40,000 Toyota truck as a thank you gift. I'm not sure exactly how this works. On first glance, it seems to be such an outlandish gift, but what is the appropriate thank you gift for someone who makes $12.5 million a year?

Boston Sports Review: Schilling for Senate

Partly because he's a well respected athlete with strong opinions and partly because the other seven Republicans in Massachusetts are busy, Curt Schilling of the Red Sox may possibly end up running for the United States Senate. Or at least that was the story on the Boston talk radio station WRKO during one particularly slow news day this off season.

Boston Sports Review: Lost in Translation... In a Good Way

If you ask me, the signing of Daisuke Matsuzaka was the single most exciting Red Sox transaction ever that happened to involve a player I had never seen before. I'm sure most of you agree. Of course, this excitement was tempered only slightly by the strange press conference that was held to announce him as a member of the Red Sox. As soon became obvious, interpreter Tak Sato is not a professional interpreter. Instead, he is a Japanese representative of Scott Boras' agency and was chosen simply because Matsuzaka felt most comfortable with him.

Boston Sports Review: Bowl Game Preview

Once again, it's college bowl season, that exciting time when the top 64 college football teams play in 32 bowl games. It's sort of like March Madness except that if the 64th best team somehow wins the Pioneer Pure Vision Las Vegas Bowl, they don't live to play another day. Here's just a little of what to expect:

Boston Sports Review: Body Language Report Card

Football isn't just about winning and losing anymore. There's also body language to consider. What good is winning, if you look down in the dumps while doing so? Therefore, it is time to present our first-ever Body Language Report Card. Forget their record. Let's see what the New England Patriots are really feeling out there on the field.
Jonathan Papelbon, I hereby challenge thee to a game of Scrabble. We all know that you can close out a baseball game in style. Let's see if you can finish off a Scrabble game with similar aplomb.

The Couch Potato Games

The Winter Olympics haven't even started yet, and already I am a little sick of them. When the Games do start on February 10th, they will be almost impossible to avoid. Over all its networks, NBC is planning an astonishing 416 hours of coverage. Spread over seventeen days, that's an average of over 24 hours a day. Finally, during these games, if you get a hankering to watch luge at 3:30 in the morning, then you can probably do so.

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