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Boston Globe: Heeding the siren's call of free food in the office

Every office has that guy.

Whenever there's a big meeting, you'll find him lurking just outside the conference room, ready to pounce on whatever food is left over. Somehow, whenever there's food in the office, he knows exactly where it is. The better the leftovers, the earlier he's there. Sadly, I think I have become that guy.


The 20 Nights of Bond

What I Learned from the Ultimate James Bond Marathon

(A shorter version of this originally appeared in The Boston Globe)

As Daniel Craig prepares for his debut as the latest James Bond in "Casino Royale," here are a few tips from previous Bonds on how to live in the surreal world of 007.

Boston Globe: Name That Caller

Lately, there has been an important and meaningful development in my career: I now have caller ID. Until recently, I never knew what to expect when the phone rang. At any moment, the person on the other end could have been either a friend inviting me to lunch or a colleague calling about some report I had not yet finished.


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