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The Best Holographic Team on Television

As you all know, last Tuesday was a historic night for America. That night, for the very first time ever, a hologram appeared on CNN. Sure, a black man was elected President for the first time also, but let's not forget the holograms who had previously been relegated to cheesy sci-fi movies and British sitcoms. Now, though, as never before, holograms were on a serious and respected news program. Well, sort of serious and respected.

Obama Vs. McCain

No column today. I'm too busy getting ready for the game election tonight.

Instead, here are some links to some pieces I did back when neither candidate was particularly favored for the nomination. Back then, I managed to see both Obama (with a little Kennedy/Kerry on the side) and McCain (with a touch of Bill Clinton). Throw in a little Chuck Norris too, and it was quite an election year.

And finally, I was very excited to discover that I can vote on perhaps the most awesome and/or ridiculous ballot initiative of the year. I've often joked about government by jury duty, but here's Question 5 (non-binding!) for Somerville, MA:

Question 5: Shall the state representative from this district be instructed to vote in favor of amending the state Constitution to replace the state Legislature with 100 randomly selected adult residents of the Commonwealth, each serving a one-year term, to be called the Commonwealth Jury and to have all the legislative and other powers of the current Legislature?
Wow, Commonwealth Jury Duty! I would almost be tempted to vote for this, except that I don't want to end up getting called for one year of jury duty. Try explaining that to your boss!  

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