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Is The Atlantic making us stupid?

Actually, that's not the question Nicholas Carr asks in the latest issue of The Atlantic. He asks instead, "Is Google making us stupid?" And the answer seems to be a resounding yes. Apparently, because of all the time we spend online, we are becoming a nation of idiots.

Death of Strangulation

Now that Father's Day is behind us, it may be time to retire the necktie as a present. In a recent survey, only 6% of men said that they wear a tie daily. A full 67% of men never wear a tie to work at all, which is only 66.999% ahead of the percentage of men who never wear pants to work.

Primary Lessons

Over the past sixteen months of the presidential campaign, I have learned many things. For example, I know that Barack Obama doesn't like to wear a flag lapel pin and that Hillary Clinton tends to get misty-eyed in diners. There was also something about universal health care and the war in Iraq, but don't quote me on that. Here are a few other things I have learned.
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