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Dear Die-hard Celtics Fan

Hi, it's me, Joe. Remember me from the 1980s? Wow, those were good times, weren't they? Bird, McHale, Parish! That was just great. Anyway, I've heard that the Celtics are good again, so I thought I might come back and watch a few games.

Me? Oh, I'm doing fine. Not much is new. I've just been following the Red Sox and Patriots, watching parades, attending rallies, you know, that sort of thing.

Suggestions for Remakes of Classic Films

The Seven-Year Itch - Richard Sherman is left in the city on his own, while his wife is away on a business trip. All is going well until an attractive young woman moves into the apartment above him. Will he be able to control his libido in the presence of this fetching young beauty? Of course, he will -- that is, until he accidentally mixes up his blood pressure medicine with his Viagra.

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