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Other Great Senatorial Moments in Sports


Many have been surprised that the United States Senate has spent so much time lately on sports. First, the Senate listened to testimony from Roger Clemens on baseball's steroid crisis. Later, Senator Arlen Specter questioned the NFL about the New England Patriots' Spygate scandal. While it seems strange for Congress to be concerning itself with sports, it is hardly unprecedented, as these past newspaper reports will indicate. 
1. Call up a rival campaign for a ride to the polls. While you're chauffeured to the polls, that's one less person who can vote for the other side, giving you a net gain of two votes. As a bonus, see if they'll swing by the supermarket for you too.


Obama: Campaigning to the Choir

Last week, on Super Tuesday, Hillary Clinton was the big winner in Massachusetts. She always led in the polls, so it shouldn't have been a surprise. But, after seeing Barack Obama speak in Boston to a crowd of thousands the night before, I couldn't imagine that he would lose. 

The Globe and Mail: Love You, Hate Your President

"Do you know what your president just did?" There is nothing that can dampen a romantic mood quite like those words. Unfortunately, this is what happens when you are an American dating a Canadian, and your president is George W. Bush. It doesn't matter that I never voted for the man and rarely agree with him myself. Whenever he does or says something Jody deems stupid, she tells me. There are some who worry about Bush's effect on my country's standing in the world. I worry more about his effect on my love life.
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