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Internet may be full by 2010; this column not helping

We here at the Internet would like to draw your attention to a new report from Nemertes Research, stating that the Internet may be completely full by the year 2010. Granted, this may not seem like news. After all, some would argue that the Internet is already full, but it is a serious problem that must be addressed.

Dieting for Dollars

Now here's a way to lose some weight. Curt Schilling just signed a new one-year contract with the Red Sox that includes a $2 million weight clause, along with $8 million in base salary. If Schilling stays in shape and meets weight goals at six different weigh-ins during the year, he'll get the extra money. Screw Weight Watchers. This is the proper way to lose weight. Give me $2 million, and I'll be happy to go on the treadmill. I might even lay off the ice cream too.

The Belichick Era: A Revisionist History

After their recent video spying scandal, some have suggested that the New England Patriots' Super Bowl titles may have been tainted. This is, of course, ridiculous. After all, somebody needed the skill to set up all the video equipment. Still, in light of recent events, certain moments in the Belichick era are being reexamined.

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