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Do Not Disturb the Hat

Recently, I was killing time at a productivity web site (It's the guilt-free way to procrastinate!) when I came across this advice on how to let co-workers know when not to disturb you:

"Pick a hat or scarf or something and wear it whenever you're "in the zone." Educate your coworkers and customers that if you have that article of clothing on, then they should turn around."

Watching the Commercials for the Game

I always find it amusing that most people spend 364 days a year avoiding commercials, but then on what many have deemed our national holiday - Super Bowl Sunday - nobody can talk about anything else. For most of the year, you can barely read about television without hearing about how more and more people are using their Tivo to avoid commercials, or how people are downloading TV shows to avoid commercials, or how people are plain just not watching to avoid commercials. But the day after the Super Bowl, the question heard most is not "What did you think of the game?" but "What was your favorite commercial?"

Boston Sports Review: Lost in Translation... In a Good Way

If you ask me, the signing of Daisuke Matsuzaka was the single most exciting Red Sox transaction ever that happened to involve a player I had never seen before. I'm sure most of you agree. Of course, this excitement was tempered only slightly by the strange press conference that was held to announce him as a member of the Red Sox. As soon became obvious, interpreter Tak Sato is not a professional interpreter. Instead, he is a Japanese representative of Scott Boras' agency and was chosen simply because Matsuzaka felt most comfortable with him.
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